How much does a subscription cost for Italia’s Cinema?

Italia’s Cinema is $7.99 a month.

I have a question about billing and/or payment.

All billing and payments go through Roku. We have no access to subscriptions. Click this link for Roku Support https://support.roku.com/category/202683127.

I am having issues with my Roku Device or account.

We are unable to assist with any Roku related issues. Click here for Roku Support https://support.roku.com/.

How do I unsubscribe from Italia’s Cinema?

We’re sorry to see you go. Go to your Roku home page on your TV, highlight over Italia’s Cinema, press the * key, click Manage Subscription.

Why is the TV station not working, says ‘file not available’, or poor quality?

We do out best to provide quality service for our viewers. Streaming live TV is a sophisticated process and quality may vary at times. Do know our team is working diligently when an issue may arise and we do our best to keep you informed on the channel. You can always exit and reopen the TV stations on Italia’s Cinema, or reopen the channel itself to see if that may fix the problem.

How can I request TV stations or movies?

Always feel free to contact us to request TV stations, movies, or tv series. We will do our best to find and add these for your viewing pleasure.

Have any questions that have not been answered? Feel free to reach out.

service @ italias-cinema.com